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c&mp aims to provide a safe, inclusive space for everyone. we do not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any of that bullshit.

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may 10 - 12

!! special soft launch pricing !! 
$60 / 21+
camping equipment included!
may 10-12
skidaway state park
(the traditional lands of the Mvskoke (Muscogee), Yamasee, and Guale)


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an all-inclusive workshop for folks who want to learn how to camp in a non-judgmental space with cool people.


this workshop is limited to 5 people (+2 camp counselors) and will be a hands-on learning experience. camping equipment (and most supplies) are included. your camp counselors will walk you through every step.


you'll leave on sunday with cool skills, new connections, and at least a little more confidence for the outdoors.

whats included: tent • sleeping pad • 1 breakfast / 2 lunches / 2 dinners • snaaaacks • headlamp • essentials what to bring: pillow/blankets • sunscreen/bug spray • camping chair • clothes • walking shoes • books/art supplies

meet your camp counselors




hey y'all! my name is Cass and i'm your local marshmallow addict. i recently moved to georgia from oregon and realized that there isn't really a camping culture out here. i want to change that! 

growing up in poverty, we didn't get traditional vacations. instead, my mom took us camping and taught us how to do it on a budget. she also taught us how to prepare to maximize comfort, fun, and eating freakin good food. 

it's my goal with c&mp to provide a safe space for learning, authentic community building, and just being. my happy place is outside, and i want more people to discover the magic of nature and the gifts it gives us all.




hi everyone! my name is Meggie and i am so excited to introduce you to the magical world that is camping. i grew up with parents who both loved exploring outdoor spaces and their influence has played a heavy role throughout my life.

i have been backpacking/camping around the world: from the west, central and eastern united states to fiji, new zealand, canada, patagonia, alaska, and the falkland islands.

my first job growing up was an outdoor camp counselor where i took groups of kids camping, hiking, kayaking and climbing. i have also been trained in wilderness first aid and CPR, so I assure you that you'll be in safe hands. if you're lucky I'll even sing you some camp songs to lull you to sleep at night. i can't wait to go into a s'mores food coma with you!


campsite alarm system and squirrel chaser

due to buffy's anxiety, we can't accept other camp dogs at this time but may in the future.
support animals are welcome, please reach out 

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c&mp values

sustainability • empathy • curiosity • just being 

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