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rental gear

rental gear library

our first goal is to create a library of camping gear that can be rented for free.
if you'd like to help us achieve this goal, you can donate gear by filling out the form below.

check back soon to see available gear to rent!

donate gear

vote for future c&mp themes

what camp theme do you want to go to or co-host?

upcoming workshops & events

learn to c&mp
may 10 - 12


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!! special soft launch pricing !! 
$60 / 21+

camping equipment included!
may 10-12
skidaway state park

(the traditional lands of the Mvskoke (Muscogee), Yamasee, and Guale)

an all-inclusive workshop for folks who want to learn how to camp in a non-judgmental space with cool people.

this workshop is limited to 5 people (+2 camp counselors) and will be a hands-on learning experience. camping equipment (and most supplies) are included. your camp counselors will walk you through every step.

you'll leave on sunday with cool skills, new connections, and at least a little more
 confidence for the outdoors.

  • what is c&mp?
    c&mp is a project birthed out of an idea to spend more time outside and share the wealth of outside with others. for now, c&mp is just a project (not a business, not a nonprofit) that hopes to understand what the community of SE Georgia needs to get outside in a meaningful way. if the community shows interest, c&mp will continue to hold workshops and events and move forward with becoming a business. the person behind c&mp is Cassidy Johnston, with the help of Megan Shapiro.
  • isn't it too hot to camp in georgia?
    did you know that tree canopy cover reduces temperatures 11-19º F? We try to camp in very shady spaces and strategically choose our campgrounds so that the heat isn’t a barrier. if the weather is too extreme, we will postpone trips.
  • is c&mp a nonprofit?
    for now, c&mp is just a project (not a business, not a nonprofit). we have dreams of becoming those things, but for now, we are looking to our community to find out what is needed.
  • can i host/co-host a c&mp?
    of course! fill out this form here and indicate that you're interested in hosting a c&mp with us. we'll get in contact with you ASAP to discuss the possibilities.
  • how much will c&mp cost after the soft launch pricing ends?
    at this time, we're not sure. we are doing everything we can to keep the costs for these workshops and events accessible while also still earning an income to survive in capitalist america. please share any feedback about costs and accessibility at
  • who is liable for accidents and injuries?
    c&mp counselors will never intentionally put campers in situations of high-risk and safety is our number one priority. by participating in c&mp workshops and events, campers release any liability for accidents and injuries from Cassidy Johnston or Megan Shapiro. to participate in c&mp workshops and events, campers will need to sign a liability waiver.
  • do you do trips outside of georgia?
    we hope so! we plan to do trips all around the SE United States at some point in time, but plans are not set yet.
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