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Cassidy, brand strategist and marketer, sitting on a desk holding a coffee copy and laughing

Hi, I'm Cass

I'm exploring the world and meeting amazing people along the way. I'm on a mission to live a fulfilling life, learn important lessons from those around me, and to continue being greater than I was yesterday.

I'm currently trying to find my place in this big ol' confusing world, and along the way I'm documenting it all through my blog and podcast

Here's to figuring it out!

Just out here trying to thrive
More about my values and what drives me
My Mission

Both professionally and in my everyday life, it’s my dream to help change the world. Whether that’s growing a sustainable brand, fighting for equality, volunteering in a local garden, or using my privilege to spark change. I want to be a change-agent, continually growing my skillset to better my community, inspire people around me, and grow internally.

My Vision

I believe in being Greater Than. It's my goal to be constantly improving, constantly in motion, constantly at competition with who I was yesterday. That's why I have the Greater Than symbol tattooed on my wrist, why my greatest strength is competition, and why I'll never become complacent.  

My Philosophy Statement

I believe in doing good. I believe in seeing good. I believe in promoting good. Through positivity and empathy, I strive to relate, grow and nourish my community. As a fellow human being, I believe in strict equality for all. Through courage and curiosity, I strive to grow individually and continue to learn. I value a well-rounded balance in my life that promotes education, culture, and avocation. I strive to create a sustainable, caring, better world.

(Fun fact: I had to write this philosophy statement during my Freshman year of college. I haven't needed to change a word of it since.)

Alright, so what's with all the sunset pics?

Well, for starters, I love sunsets and sunrises. Catch me chasing both. But also, at the end of the day, I like to reflect back on how I've grown during that day. Have I met someone new? Have I cared for myself? Have I read/learned/given? I find sunsets a unique moment to be grateful for the day I just had, and make plans to be better tomorrow.

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