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Your Guide to Walking La Promenade Plantée in Paris

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Recently I discovered the coolest "park" in Paris. This greenspace is actually located on top of the buildings and stretches 4.5km (2.7 miles)! If you've been to New York, it's much like the High Line, but I think way cooler (and less noisy!)

The actual walk can last a lot longer than just 3 miles, so in this post I'll be showing you where to start walking, some of my favorite moments during the walk, and some recommendations while you're walking La Promenade Plantée.

Starting La Promenade Plantée at 44 Rue de Lyon

Plug in this address into your maps and head that way! The promenade is in the 12th Arrondissement. This is what the entrance to La Promenade Plantée looks like. Just head up the stairs and you'll be at the start of this fabulous walk.

Right away you'll notice the beautiful green arches that you'll walk under to begin.

Now being your walk! Take your time to notice the small details and smell the flowers. Maybe even bring a book or a snack, sit on a bench and take it all in.

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And don't forget to appreciate all of the art (official or not) along the route.

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And of course, just like everywhere else in Paris, there are always a few places for you to grab a drink of water. I saw several pups lapping up the puddles as their owners refreshed during their mid-afternoon run!

So during your walk, you'll actually walk through two buildings. Yes, through them! They were designed so that the building is split and the pathway cuts through them - the residents of these buildings get a fun hallway bridge that above the outside path. The second building you pass through will be the end of the walk that rests on top of buildings but keep going, the walk isn't over yet!

Now is the perfect time for lunch!

You'll come to a large platform (don't miss the giant sundial!) once you walk through this building path, there will be stairs to your right. I recommend stopping here and going down to find some lunch. I found a boulangerie and a sandwich shop when I took a right off the stairs. Grab something to go and head back up the stairs.

Chill out and eat in Reuilly - Paul Pernin Garden

This is a medium-sized park but with a really cool suspension bridge that crosses over the top of it. Instead of walking over the bridge, I went around to the right and through a gate to a smaller garden. If you keep walking, you'll find stairs that go into the park itself.

Now walk across the bridge and down to the other side

If you're short on time, here is a great place to end your walk and catch a train back to the city.

If you have more time on your hands, keep walking! Just continue straight - you'll cross several streets and come to a tunnel. Even though the tunnel looks creepy, go through it, trust me!

*Click the arrow on the right to see more pics!

Now you're in the final park and garden.

Enjoy your time here, it's gorgeous! There are even exercise machines if you're feeling like you haven't had enough exercise yet.

I actually ended up walking for another 30 minutes after I left this final park. It led me to a really cool winding staircase. Want to see it? Watch the video on my Instagram.

If you visit La Promenade Plantée make sure to come back here and let me know which was your favorite part! Did you make it all the way to the staircase?

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