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Big Life Goals While I'm Away

If you’ve been on my about page, you know that I have a life motto. I’m always striving to be greater than I was yesterday. This means I’m always looking for new challenges, learning opportunities, and ways to push myself. When I go traveling during the next year, this won’t be any different.

Here are three big life goals I’m trying to achieve in the next year:

  • Earn my yoga teacher training certification

  • Earn my scuba certification

  • Test my extrovertedness and record all the podcast episodes

Yoga Goals

It’s hard for even me to believe this, but I’ve been doing yoga for over ten years now! I started by just taking classes at my college and quickly developed my own self-practice. I don’t tend to go to yoga classes because I’m just a little too frugal for that, so I actually use the Deliciously Ella app for any guided yoga (pro tip: get that app it’s amazing). I’m really excited about this goal not because I necessarily want to teach yoga, but because I want to go deeper into my own practice. And since I’ll be traveling, I’m hoping to actually do this training in India with authentic teachers and yogis (not just some white bendy chick from LA, ya know?).

By accomplishing this goal I know I’ll know myself a lil’ better than before. And that’s all we can ask for right?


I first went snorkeling when I was a child on a trip to Hawaii to visit my grandpa - and I absolutely fell in love with it. I could literally stay all day in the ocean peering over the reef ecosystem and watching all of the bright colorful fish going about their day. So while I’m out traveling I hope to find the perfect spot to get my divers license so I can take this obsession a little farther. And I won’t lie, if I somehow work up my lung capacity, I would love love love to take it even further and learn how to free dive (eeek!).

Everyones got a podcast

Including me! I’m actually using the podcast as a great excuse to *not* be an introvert (how I prefer to spend my days) and force myself out of my comfort zone and into conversations with strangers. By keeping up with the episodes I’ll be able to meet really cool new people, learn from them, and share these cool conversations with you! This is sort of a goal that will help achieve other goals.

I’m sure there will be more big life goals that I add to my goal list as I begin to travel, but for now, these are enough to get going! Make sure to follow me on TikTok for all the videos of these adventures.

P.S. Ok so writing this made me think... maybe I shouldn’t be goal-oriented on this trip? Will goals hinder my ability to be flexible or put too much pressure on the trip? What do you think?? Let me know in the comments!

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