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First edition launching
April 29th - become a member below to be notified!

I'm on a mission to live a fulfilling life full of connection, exploration, imagination, and justice.

This community is a place for all of those things to flourish. And I need your help in creating it all.

Together, I hope we can create a new type of world where everyone can thrive.

How it works

Discussions are grouped into four categories: Connection, Exploration, Imagination, and Justice.

Every other week I send a newsletter with thought-starters in each of these categories.

I invite you to pop into this community to share what you think about what I sent out, or create a discussion post of your own.

We are creating a world we have never seen. We are whispering it to each other cuddled in the dark, and we are screaming it at people who are so scared of it that they dress themselves in war regalia to turn and face us.

-adrienne marie brown,
Emergent Strategy
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