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better together.

let's talk about you.

you're a visionary. you have ideas, and then act on them. you start a business without a clue how to do so. you invest your time, sleepless nights, the money from your 'day job'. you fight the urge to quit every day. you balance managing your website, your social, your orders, your emails, your ads, and yourself.

you keep going because you're passionate. you're on a mission. and you won't accept failure.

let's talk about me.

i'm the woman you've been looking for. your partner in crime. your side-hustle mistress. i look at businesses like yours and see nothing but opportunity. i'm inspired by your mission. i use your passion as my fuel. i understand the grind.

you know all those things you're balancing? that's where i come in. i have a serious love for all the things digital: websites, ads, social, email, and more.

my mission is your success. and i won't accept failure.

how i can help

strategic partnerships


email strategy

paid & organic social

other cool shit i love to do

  • website optimization

  • seo optimization

  • annual marketing plans

  • event management

  • social auditing

  • competitor analysis

  • blog writing

  • community outreach

my mission x your mission

i'm on a mission to support businesses that are changing the world. to accomplish this, i work exclusively with those that fall under specific criteria. while everything has exceptions, these are the kind of businesses i look for:

  • vegan products

  • people, planet, then profits mentality

  • woman or POC owned/operated/managed

  • portion of proceeds are donated

  • non-profit status

  • certified b-corp

let's be better together.

this is going to be a beautiful partnership. can't wait to start chatting.

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